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Our Vision For Establishing Magnilda Nigeria Limited

November 15, 2016

Our Passion to provide Adequate Shelter and decent accommodation for humanity, Our Love for Nature, Conservation of the aesthetic Beauty and Value of the Environment prompted this Vision and gave birth to this Property Company.     


Magnilda Nigeria Limited

Magnilda Nigeria Limited is an Environmental Planning and Property Management company based and registered in Nigeria with the following main objectives which includes,

  • To carry on the business of Estate Development, Land Agent, Estate Agent, Estate Management, Property Agents and To Own Properties and Engage in Other Related Businesses so specified. To Acquire Land, Buildings and Real Estate of any Description (including  easements and Other Property Rights) and To Hold , Improve, Alter, Develop, Let, Sell, or Otherwise Dispose of the Properties.
  • To carry on the Business of Environmental Services, To Engage in Environmental Planning, Off Shore Operation, Labour Contact, Pollution Liability Evolution, Resettlement and Rehabilitation, Action Planning, Hybrid Trees, Plantation and Culture Development, Health and Saftey, Developing Pollution Prevention Strategies, Devising Environmental Complacent and Techniques, To Engage in the Supply and Maintenance of Equipments, Instruments, Chemicals, Apparatus, Waste Bins, Dust Bins and etc.



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